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Color Lamp Series

lampu color lamp series

Product Features and Usage

Stage lighting can help direct the audience to see the whole scene on the stage or part of the scene, so the stage looks set realistic drama of better demonstration of the creative work of art intentions and level of change in the light brightness range, lighting the area is also large. TV lamps used in the studio, studio or field situations, " the audience" is removable and can be technical treatment of the camera or video camera, close-range and more lighting outside lighting effect than any art film camera tube also makes the role of the right exposure.

Led Waterproof lamp - Wire Series

lampu Color lamp - Led Waterproof lamp - Wire has the improvement in technicsand and material, we make the method of dispensing colophony to conglutinate the structure of each lamp bead closely, and use the bushing for exterior to ne firmer. which make the effect of waterproof so much better

  • Item No
  • LN-9100
  • Panjang
  • 10M
  • Number of Led
  • 100pcs
  • Voltage
  • 120V/240V
  • Color
  • W/Y/B/G/R/CL
  • Harga
  • Rp.54.000

led waterproof lamp

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